It has been 18 months since I’ve seen his face last… 

I’ve always wished that I’d dream of him.  That I’d see him again.  That I’d be able to hold him again.  Just like I did when he was alive. 

It’s never happened. Until 2 nights ago when I dreamt of him.  I woke up knowing exactly what the dream was about.  I tried to remember everything about it so I wouldn’t forget any bits of it.  I woke up and went to tell Laurie about the dream, only to realize that I had forgotten what happened.  Minutes before I remembered everything!  As the day went on I did remember some parts of it and I was able to verbalize them.  I’m keeping the actual dream to myself (well, and Laurie), it just feels right to do that. It felt so sacred that my sweet boy came to me. 

Just know, I held him, and it was beautiful. 




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