Caemon.  Sweet little Caemon…

Yesterday, leukemia took Caemon from us.  From his mothers, from this earth, but leukemia will not take Caemon from our hearts.

Jodi & Timaree, my deepest, heartfelt condolences to you and your family.  The pain that you’ve experienced is like no other pain in this world.  To see your child be taken from this earth is something that no parent should ever have to endure.

 You are not alone. 

You have an army of blog friends and family who will be here for you when you are ready.  I’m sending you so many hugs, light and healing.  Your sweet boy, Caemon, is resting now.  I’m in awe of the strength you two have shown throughout his diagnosis, treatments and hospital stays.  Absolutely admiring.  You will forever be mommies to Caemon, he will forever be yours.

Caemon, your strength, endurance and pure light for life is breathtaking. I will never forget you.  Everytime I see a crocodile, I will think of you.  Everytime I see the word leukemia, I will think of you.  You’ve brought hundreds of people together, you’ve touched so many lives in more ways than you can ever know.  You are an inspiration.  Goodbye sweet Caemon.  I will remember you.

…..This silence is for you, Caemon.  This silence is for you, Jodi and Timaree, his life will always be remembered.

Read his story and send light, love, and strengh here


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