Zachary, Zach, Zachy, Bubby, Bubby-loo

Our little boy is growing like a weed.  He grew out of his newborn clothes right before our eyes.  He all of a sudden is in 3 month clothes and on his way out of those too.

It is hard to imagine that just 6 months ago, he was fighting to live and today he is a bright, smiley little boy.  He smiles all. the. time. 

He weights just under 11 pounds now and will be 6mo on the 24th (3mo corrected).  He is doing really well with his milestones and meets a lot of 3-5 month ones!  He is able to hold his hands midline (obsessed!) and hold his head steady for over a minute.  He can sit upright in the bumbo (without slouching forward), find and suck his thumb/fingers, smile, he gets excited to eat from the breast or bottle, and we think he is close to cutting a tooth!  He is a teething machine right now.  But, I dont’ know with preemies…when do they get teeth?  Their adjusted age or the gestational age?

One of the best things he’s been doing as of late is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  Tonight is the second night that he has not woken up.  Although I miss nursing him in the night (ha, I can’t believe I just said that!)… But, It’s true. I do.  That is one of the few times I get to nurse him during the day. Overnight.  Yesterday, I had to wake him up to bring Ryan to school.  I felt terrible, but he’s not allowed to stay home alone…yet.  Maybe next week. 🙂

Speaking of nursing… I have provided breast milk for him since day one.  Breast milk was the very first food he had in his belly.  However, as times go on my supply is dwindling.  I am continuing to pump what I can (about .5-1 ounce each side! horrible.)  It is very important to me that he gets something, even if it’s only a little bit.  He nurses (usually) pretty well.  But, he stops as soon as the milk gets slow.  He wants nothing to do with me when he has to work for the milk.  He just screams.  He likes the milk to squirt to the back of his throat and feel like he ate Thanksgiving dinner.  Every 3 hours.  I have done so many things to increase my supply, but nothing seems to really get it up there.  I’ve only seen an increase of about an ounce or less.  The only thing I have not tried is the Domperidone, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going that route.  I am still on blood pressure medication from the preclampsia.  I’m not sure how well that mixes, or if I’m willing to take that chance.  So, for right now, I will continue to pump what I can get and nurse him whenever he is wants.  Breast milk is something only I can give him, and it’s benefits are well, you know them.  I’m not ready to give that up.  I feel like he’s too young!  He’s only 6 months!

Last week between Parker and Zachary not being a all-star nurser, I was a wreck.  This week has been better.

Zachary is also starting to be much more entertained by the antics of his brother.  Ryan likes to play peek-a-boo with him, and play next to him and show him things.  He seems to enjoy it and follows Ryan all around the room and smiles at him.  He is on the verge of busting a laugh, and that is going to be awesome.  We are having so much fun with our boys. 



6 thoughts on “Zachary, Zach, Zachy, Bubby, Bubby-loo

  1. Greetings – I can’t seem to find the password for your posts- would love to keep following along (again!) Can you please share? Love the pictures – he is growing so fast!

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