Is there anything my bloggies need an update on?   Want to know something?  Ask away!  Sarah recently asked me if we were going to have more children.  That answer is unknown.  To be determined.  Here’s the thing…

We have zero embryos left in storage.  But, we’ve got 2 vials of sperm that was thawed and defrosted for my IVF cycle.  They split up the remainder of the sperm into two vials in case we needed to do another IVF because our donor is now retired.  So who knows how much is exactly in there. 

We do know that we don’t want to make more embryos.  We think that would just be irresponsible.  We wounldn’t be able to get rid of them and what if we ended up making 10 frozen embryos??? How many kids are we going to have?!  We’d feel like we have to give them their fair chance.  So, if we did get pregnant, It would be from the 2 vials that we have stored.  We’ve talked about different routes we can take.  We’ve thought of discarding the sperm and when we want to try again, we buy more.  We pay 600+ every six months in storage fees.  That money could be used for the children we have now.  Instead of saving refrozen (dud?) sperm.  We’ve thought of taking the sperm and just squirting it up there, or with a medicated cycle at the clinic.  I think that we’ve come to the conclusion that, right now, we’d be okay trying again in 2(ish?) 4(ish?)  years.  Right now, 3 children 3 and under is rough.  Doable, fun, and so rewarding but hard.  Maybe some time between the kiddies will make it easier?!  I don’t know, only time will tell that.  

We COULD just buy more sperm.  All of our boys are from the same donor, would we want to switch it up now?!  Using the sperm we have feels like there is a end.  Like, there is a definite answer to if we continue.  If it works, GREAT!  We would love to welcome another baby (girl?) into our family.  If not,that’s okay too.  We have 4 beautiful boys who each one of them has showed us amazing things about life.  It is just hard to let go of sperm that could be the last sibling from that donor.  Isn’t weird how attached we are to some mans sperm?  I wonder how many times I can say sperm in one blog entry.


5 thoughts on “Future

  1. Egad. $100 a month? I wouldn’t trust the quality for an iui or ici and you would havr spent $4800 over four years on nothing. Trust me that I know destroying is hard (we have 6 vials) but that’s a lot of money. There is also the possibility you could find vials on the DSR? Our annual storage fees are $250. Is there anywhere you can transfer it to for a better deal?

  2. It is such a hard decision letting go of those little DNA swimmers, especially when you know the quality of human species they can potentially produce, I mean you and Laurie are 4 for 4 in the adorable kid category. That is a costly sum for what could, as you mentioned, be 2 vials of duds. I think if one of you is on board for charting and temping for a few cycles and you can hit it right, I would just go for the ICI and let the cards fall where they may, so to say. Personally, I would try sooner than later (if that is what you want) because I think the longer one waits, the harder it is to accept BFNs. This time around for us, I felt extreme guilt for waiting so long to start trying again with #2 and this intensified month after month of BFNs and I kept thinking WHAT IF we had wasted prime TTC time with me dragging my heels wanting to space the children out to an “ideal” span. In reality there is no ideal time between children, my theory is, if you WANT another child then it does not matter if they come tomorrow or 10 years from now, you WILL make it work! So this probably comes down to if you both want another or not. For us we knew 2 was the end goal (of course if we would have ended up with twins this time around, we would have naturally been delighted and expanded our ideal number to 3) and so it is easier to say bye bye to OPKs, Sperm, Charting, and all the ups and downs of TTC.

  3. I’m with MommaOak! That’s a lot in storage fees. We pay $280/year for our 5 vials.

    I’d either destroy or go for it if you would be open to one more. I mean, chances are they aren’t good vials, right? I get wanting to wait though. We have 3 kids (5, 4 and 2) and couldn’t afford a 4th right now with insane daycare fees. Sometimes you can’t make it work or it would be an extreme hardship. No one wants to choose that and with vials and donors we make a choice. No accidental pregnancies here.

    It’s really tough to have to decide on vials and expensive storage.

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