In Memory Of…

Today I received a message from Jana over at Keeping Up With The Kimmels.  She made teeny diapers to donate in memory of Parker.  These diapers are for babies who have passed away.  The mother will receive a package of 2 diapers, one for the baby to keep on his/her precious little bum and one for his/her memory box.

Seeing his name printed out is so special to me.  I don’t get to see it often.  Knowing that other mommies are going to have to go through the pain of loosing their baby hurts my heart too.  I wish there wasn’t a need for these diapers at all.  Babies shouldn’t have to die.  But, there is.  And, it’s so heartwarming to know that other people think of our sweet Parker.  His name and life are so so special to me.  To know that he lived.  He was here.

Thank You Jana & Teeny Tears for helping the memory of Parker and so many other babies live on.

Here is the link where you can read about her donation to the hospital where Parker & Zachary were born.


2 thoughts on “In Memory Of…

  1. What a kind thing to do. The thought of losing an infant is beyond heartbreaking, but hopefully receiving these diapers makes parents feel some small degree of comfort at that time.

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