Something we hope to change in 2013 is less packaged food and more things made from home.  We would really like to make things like Jelly and cereal bars.  Our boys LOVE cereal bars, but I cringe when I hand them one.  They are so sweet, and expensive.  They’d eat a box a day if I let them.  Normally, they will get one in the morning when they are both crying in the kitchen for something to eat and its way too early for Mama to be cooking anything.  A cereal bar holds them off for about 2.2 seconds, long enough for me to get some coffee or tea in me. 
We made all of Ryan and Zachary’s baby food and of course we plan to do it for Oliver, but I just don’t want it to stop there.
Recently, we’ve started flavoring our own yogurt.  We’ve done this in the past, but the convenience of little cups got the best of us.  We were buying the Costco case of yogurt and they’d blow through it in a week. They’d each have at least one a day, sometimes two.  Store bought yogurt is also full of sugar so we wanted to change it.  I bought a big tub of yogurt and some little containers with animal lids for the dollar store.  I smashed up 2 bananas and used about 1/4 of the tub and made 6 cups.  They both loved it, and I felt better giving them something that was better for them.  Just as convenient only better. 
What are some kiddie things that you’ve learned to make at home?  Any recipes???  I’m currently looking for an alternate for the beloved cereal bar. I found these, which look amazing.  We don’t eat glut/allergy free, but they still look yummy! 

7 thoughts on “Homemade.

  1. I think you are inspiring a “baby food” blog entry 🙂 I have always loved to cook but Gus has inspired a TON of super yummy (all homemade) recipes. I LOVE to share my recipes too!

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