Making strides

It seems that since I’ve written my last post things have turned a corner. 

Nursing has been getting better and better.  Of course there are still times that we struggle, but we’re finding our way.  We’re using the shield as needed when he decides that he forgot how to latch.  Nursing sessions tend to run anywhere from 10 (just a snack) to 60 (little piggy!) minutes.  And, he’s only had maybe one or two bottles in the last few days.  One was because I was so tried and the other was because I just pumped and he woke up to eat.  So, we’re doing good!  It is a much better experience when the wrinkles started to iron out.  I’m happy I stuck with it.  I can’t wait to get him weighted tomorrow at the Dr.  I feel like it will really make me feel better to know that he is gaining.

This week (Thursday) we are leaving to go and visit Sadie, and her mommies in Canada!  Some people might say that we are crazy for taking Zachary on such a long car ride (about 9 hours).  But, there isn’t many opportunities that we have to go on a road trip.  And, that we’re both off together and don’t have a trillion things to do.  Being that we’re already off, might as well take advantage of it!!  Going now, we’ll only have to entertain one toddler (Zachary will sleep) and hopefully that toddler will sleep too!  Wishful thinking.  And, Ryan is going to be a guest in Sadie’s music class! How fun!!  They are so cute together.  Of course we’re excited to see J and D too.  =)


5 thoughts on “Making strides

  1. Glad to hear things are going better! I have been a non-existent blog commenter lately, but have been reading along and let out an audible cheer when I saw that sweet Zachary was home. So, so happy for you and your family. Hope your trip goes perfectly!

  2. So glad to read things are looking up!! Go, Zachary (and Mommy!). Have a great road trip and a wonderful time while you're gone! Hooray for time with blogfriends IRL!!

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