Thank You.  Thank you for your support, prayers and well wishes to our boys, and our family.  It really does help to know so many people are thinking of us. 

Zachary is continuing to do well in the NICU.  He has really come a long way in his 12 days.  He has transitioned off all breathing machines, and only has a nasal cannula with room air and moisture.  His labs have been coming back good and he is eating like a piggy (…he gets that from his big brother, Ryan!) Yesterday, we were able to get him some of his own blankets for his isolette, so he can have a more personalized space, we also added some pictures of our family. 

Zach’s new diggs =)

We like being able to care for him.  We are able to change his (teeny tiny!) diapers, take his tempature, clean out his mouth (he likes to hold lots of mucus and loogies in there, yuck!), and of course hold him until we can’t sit still anymore.  I can’t wait until he comes home! And, for Ryan to be able to meet his new baby brother. He says, “Zachy” and “brother” when we show him pictures.  They are going to be so cute together.

As far as I go, I’m doing and healing (all healed!) good.  I was able to deliever them both vaginally, so there wasnt much down time. Thank goodness!  Zachary was frank breech (butt first), so I pushed and was pushed on very hard.  There was a lot of minipulation going on to try and get Zach to stay in the birth canal.  He wanted no part in coming out, Parker was the one ready to fly the coop.  He wanted to come and meet his mommies!  Really, I became pre-eclamtic and my body was taking care of itself.  The boys got evicted.  I went from 3-4cms to fully and ready to push in about an hour.  It was all very fast.  I wont give away too much because I still have to write their birth story!!

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures….

I can just stare at him all day long <3

                                                                  This boy LOVES his binkie

                                                                    Kangaroo care

                                                    His arms and legs are REALLY long. 


7 thoughts on “Update

  1. He DOES have long arms! Glad to hear you and Zachary are both doing so well. I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and looking forward to reading your birth story.

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