at peace…

Today our sweet baby boy Parker became our guardian angel.

He went peacefully in our arms after spending his last mintues next to his brother.

Today, was by far the hardest day of our lives.


64 thoughts on “at peace…

  1. Oh goodness, I am so very sorry. This is just awful and I can't imagine what you're dealing with…sending you so much love and warmth and healing. 😦

  2. I don't even know what to say. I am so so so so SO sorry. Hugs to you all, including to Zachary!!! Poor little guys! Hugs and comfort to you- you're in our thoughts.

  3. Sending lots of love and support your way. As others have said, there are no words. Just know you are being prayed for and loved for all the way in Southern California.

  4. Our condolences…. H and L we are heartbroken for you, Zachary, and Ryan at the loss of your son and their brother. You are in our thoughts and prayers,

  5. My heart hurts for the loss of your precious son, Parker. I will be thinking of you and sending strength to ALL of you as you navigate this path no family should ever have to walk.

  6. I've been thinking of your family all day. I'm so sorry that this has happened. We're holding you tight in our prayers. Healthy vibes to baby Zachary and peaceful vibes to Parker and you all.

  7. I have been quietly following along for a while now and wanted to come out of the shadows to tell you how heartbroken I am to hear of your profound loss. My thoughts are with your family and I send you hope and peace while you heal.

  8. Just sitting here crying for you. "Come death if you will; you cannot divide us. You can only unite us." This was written a long time ago by a man named Franz Grillzparzer. I pray for eternal peace for your precious son Parker and peace for your whole family. -Monica

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