Hospital BR: Day 1

My first day of my hopefully very long and boring hospital stay has been just that. Long and boring.   However, in the wee hours of the morning I started to have some pretty painful contractions.  It felt more like period cramping that would start off light and get stronger and stronger and then get light again before totally going away.  This happened several times, and more times than the doctors want.  They were going to put me on magnesium to try and stop the contractions, but they have pretty much stopped on their own.  I only have one every few hours which is okay.  Other than that, my day has been pretty much just sitting here getting continuous fluids and antibiotics every 6 hours.  I got my second betamthasone steroid shot to help mature the babies’ lungs and that should be in full effect by the next 48 hours. 
The Neonatologist came today for a consult.  She let me know all the things that could go wrong, and all the things that could happen, and some outcomes, we talked about blood transfusions for the babies, brain bleeds, eye problems (including blindness), having the babies intubated, skin to skin, and other scary as hell things that made me break down and cry for the millionth time since I’ve been here.  Pregnancy hormones and bed rest are not real good friends, lets just say that. 
On a good note, the majority of the food here is pretty darn good.  I have a nice little menu I can pick all of my meals from.  This hospital has room service, you call the number give them your order and you’re food is on your tray within the hour.  Its marvelous really.  And, all of the nurses and staff that I have come into contact with have been super nice. I haven’t had a problem with anyone.  Which is good being that I’ve only been here for one 
I’m going to leave you with some pictures from today. Pictures of my food! What else do I have to take pictures of?? 
Plan for tomorrow is a possible biophysical for the babies to make sure everything is still okay in there, and more waiting, TV, naps and getting up every 20 minutes to go to the bathroom.  
 Stay pregnant. Nuff said.
Breakfast: Egg, sausage and cheese on a croissant and home fries
Dinner: Chicken Frances, pasta and broccoli with rice pudding 

…here to is to many uneventful days!


5 thoughts on “Hospital BR: Day 1

  1. Ugh contractions…It sounds like a stressful/emotional day – I'm glad that the food is at least good and you are able to get up to go to the bathroom. Hang in there mommies!!! Way to go on making it through another day!

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