Here to stay…

In the hospital that is….

Around 1:45pm, my water broke.  At first I thought it was just urine, but after standing up and it gushing out several times, I knew there was something wrong.  We put in a call to the midwives, who of course wanted us to come in right away.  We had to wait for our friends who where on their way to come over and be with Ryan. 

Laurie made the seat waterproof (with a garbage bag, a t shirt, and towel) and we were on our way.  We got up to L&D and they took me back right away.  The babies look perfect on the monitor heart rates both in the 140s-150s.  No contractions.  I haven’t felt pain through this entire thing, just a lot of fluid leaking every time I move around.  That makes getting up to go potty just a big ole mess! 

I had some lab work done, which so far has all come back okay.  The plan right now is to wait.  Being that I’m having no contractions the babies could stay in there for some time.  If I start showing signs of infection or having contractions then I think they will move towards delivering.  Lets hope that delivery does not happen for at least 8 weeks or so. 

Send me all the babies-stay-inside vibes you can muster up.  I’ll need them!!


12 thoughts on “Here to stay…

  1. Oh no. I know this isn't what you had planned for your weekend, or your next couple of months. As awful as it sounds, I hope you have a long and boring hospital stay and don't get to meet those babies for quite a while. 🙂 Sending all kinds of stay put vibes your way…

  2. Sending you all the vibes I have ;)! I know we are sorta far away but if there's anything you can think of you need from us..just let us know! Hugs to you and the babies (and L and R!)

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