26 weeks!!

This weekends midwife appointment went very well! Finally! Something good!

I passed my 1hr. glucose (yayy!!) my sugar was 81.  My blood pressure is still slightly elevated at 130/90, so they are keeping an eye on that.  I actually lost 1.5lbs this appointment… I don’t know how I managed to do that!! And, there was no ketones in my urine, double yay!  In addition, I haven’t really had very many contractions since that evening I went to the L&D.  I’ve had maybe 5 or 6 total since then.  So, all in all I’m doing pretty good.  My uterus is measuring 40 weeks, which she said they are going to stop measuring my uterus because at this point it dosen’t matter because before you know it I’m going to be measuring 50 weeks. haha. They will measure the babies with ultrasound.

Next Monday I have my first cervical check via sono & growth scan.  I’m more nervous about the cervical check just because of all the issues that other people have had.  Of course the fact that I’m terrified of bed rest doesn’t help! I now have midwife appointments every 2 weeks, but I’m not sure how often they are going to be checking cervical length, maybe every 3 weeks?  I guess I’ll find out next week depending on what the results are.

I’m having some sleeping issues.  The issue is… I….can’t….sleep!!  Once I (finally) get comfortable I wake up to pee and I can’t fall back asleep for a good 30 min. Tossing and turning back and fourth fixing all of my pillows each time I turn around.  And, when I lay on my left side baby B kicks the bed like a mad man, baby A does the same thing when I lay on my right side.  I’m guessing they are unhappy being squished between the bed and having a sibling laying on top of them.  Their middle of the night acrobatics does not help because they either keep me awake or wake me up from finally falling asleep.  I think I spend more time getting up to pee and getting comfortable again than sleeping! 

Speaking of movements, We’ve started to SEE where the babies are kicking.  If I put something on my belly they go nuts and you can see big jumps in my belly with them trying to get it away.  It’s really awesome to see it.  This morning baby B gave me a huge, GIANT kick that made my entire body move. I’ve got some strong little kiddies in there!!


3 thoughts on “26 weeks!!

  1. How exciting!!! I remember all the tossing and turning. I slept with one of those pregnancy pillows that went underneath your belly, and between your legs – SO COMFY. But – whenever I'd turn over in the middle of the night, I'd wack Doc with the pillow LOL I always found it humerous – she did not :)Jaime πŸ™‚

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