My first trip to L&D at 24w2d

Today, I’m glad that these babies are still inside baking away!

Here’s what happened…

Starting on Monday I was having some braxton hicks contractions on and off.  Some were coming every 15 min for a little bit and then they would stop.  They would start again in a few hours and so on and I’d have one or two and then stop again. I was drinking water like a maniac because I knew that if I didn’t drink that could cause contractions.  I made it though work and counted a total of about 8-9 contractions in that 8 hour period. Not bad, about one a hour.  I came home layed down and they completely stopped.  When I woke up Tuesday morning, I got up to get Ryan from his crib and that’s when they started for the day.   In the morning I had them on and off again, some every 10 min apart and then nothing for 30 min and then I’d get one and then nothing. Sporadic indeed.  I thought about calling the midwives but I wanted to start writing them down so I could have a better idea of how often they were coming.  Once I got to work they started up again, but this time they were coming every ten minutes on the dot ( I was writing them down) and after an hour of this I decided that I should call the midwives. Of course, they wanted me to come in for monitoring. 

Once we got to L&D things were moving along.  They attempted to put the babies on the monitor, but the babes had other plans.  They were flipping and moving and kicking to get away from that thing.  Between 2 nurses trying to get their heartbeats to record, they gave up.  I was put on the contraction monitor which of course recorded NOTHING because all contractions have stopped by this point.  They brought in the sono machine to find the babies heartbeats ( we knew they were okay because I could feel them going bonkers in there trying to get away from those probes!) They are both head down, both heartbeats sounded great. So, babies are perfect. 

I gave a urine sample and I had most PAINFUL speculum exam of my life. Ouch. I cried. They usually don’t bother me..ouch, ouch, ouch!!!!  She were in there doing a fFN test and a manual exam to check my cervix, long and closed.  Perfect.  The fFN test is of course is another one of those tests where if it is negative, it’s definitely negative but if it’s positive it could be false, or it could be true. If positive it’s inconclusive.  It is a test done to try and predict weather or not you will go into labor in the next 1-2 weeks. Mine was positive.  Great.  Knowing that this could just be positive for a unknown false reason, or because it’s twins or because it’s a true positive is pretty unsettling.  It’s one of those, we’ll just have to wait and see kinda things.  Also, my urine came back with a large amount of ketones.  This is caused by my body going into emergency mode and looking for sugar/carbs to digest for energy.   At my last appointment I was told to watch my carbs and sugar, and I have been.  I cut out my vitamin water (because it has carbs) and juice and eating little bits of carbs with my meals.  Well, apparently my body didn’t like this too much.  The midwife that I saw said to drink other things that just water. Apparently, It’s not good to drink ONLY water.  Things like, watered down Gatorade, juice cut with water things that can add sugar to my beverages.  If they took my glucose it would of probably been low.  I’m sure that the long gap between meals yesterday didn’t help that situation. 

So, in the end. I was sent home to “see what happens”.  I feel fine. So, hopefully nothing.  These babies need to bake a bit longer!!  Oy, what a night….

Oh! Just for fun I added a poll to vote for what you think the sexes are… =)  Go, vote!


5 thoughts on “My first trip to L&D at 24w2d

  1. So glad to hear that cervix is long and closed! WONDERFUL KNEWS. Contractions and twin pregnancy seem to go hand in hand. This all sounds far to familiar but even with my few positive Ffn's I made it months beyond… So your thinking is absolutely correct test lacks accuracy when positive.

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