23 weeks!

We had a midwife appointment over the weekend.  Everything is going fairly smooth.  In about a week and a half I got for my glucose test. YUCK! Totally not looking forward to that. I don’t do good with things I’m forced to drink.  I just hope I don’t get sick and have to do it again.  That would just really suck!

My pressure was slightly elevated (132/80) not terrible, but they don’t want to see it getting any worse.  And, I’ve gained nearly 10 lbs. since I was last there ( a month ago). The babies (and mama!) like carbs. It makes the vomiting go away (yup, still getting sick but a lot less often.  About every other week now instead of everyday)…. So, low carb high protein meals are in taking over. 

The babies are doing great. I’m measuring 39 weeks, so they are growing like weeds in there! Their heart rates were good and I feel them moving ALL THE TIME. I love it.  I feel them bouncing and kicking and doing whatever it is that they do in there… they are kicking like crazy as I type right now.  It’s hard to concentrate when they go bananas in there.  I can’t wait to see their little faces and hold their little hands!

We are finally getting things ready for them babies to arrive. We’ve switched rooms giving the kids the bigger room for cribs, toys and gear.  We went to get our cribs, but they were put on recall from IKEA to get longer bolts.  I’d like to have them here and set up before the twins get here, but they said they probably wont be back in stock until November.  We really don’t need them probably until Jan/Feb/March or maybe even longer because the babies will be sleeping in our room for the first few months.  I’d just like to have them set up to be prepared.  All 3 car seats fit in both of our cars, so we’re holding off on the minivan purchase as long as we can.  We want one, but they are just so expensive, and we are just about finished paying off the truck so getting right back into a car payment wouldn’t be fun. 

What else is there?  At 26 weeks I start going for cervical checks to make sure my cervix is holding the twins nicely.  So far, I feel fine.   No contractions, some aches and pains but not terrible. I can do with out the vomiting and massive heartburn, oh and the leaking pee. That’s just splendid.  =)


3 thoughts on “23 weeks!

  1. My doc prescribed something for heartburn, I took it every day. Eventually, though, the heartburn got so bad, and there was nothing stronger he suggested peppermint gum. It really did help to chew some after eating. Sleeping upright helped, as did tums. I bought the big bottle!Glad to hear everything is going great! Jill

  2. Sounds like everything is going great! We looked at IKEA too and just purchased 2 cribs from Walmart with the mattresses included for $300! They came in within about 7-10 days…now we need to put them together :)http://www.walmart.com/ip/Graco-Lauren-4-in-1-Convertible-Classic-Fixed-Side-Crib-and-Bonus-Mattress-Espresso/14979838#Item+DescriptionI am still nauseated too…just got more Zofran today and started on Zantac for the reflux which is terrible. I think I will end up sleeping upright in a recliner before much longer! So excited you can feel them kicking a moving too! yay!!! I'm NOT looking forward to the glucose test either – I LOVE carbs so good luck trying to get those and my morning orange juice away from me – LOL! take care!

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