A little swollen…

I’m 21 weeks!  How did I get to be 21 weeks already? 

Everything has pretty much been going smoothly.  I had to put a call into the midwives today because of some concerns I’ve been having.  It seems to be that I’ve gained 10lbs in a week.  I knew I was a little swollen, but not THAT swollen!  I have a hard time fitting my feet into 2 of the 3 pairs of shoes I wear to work, and if you stick your finger near my shins it leaves a print.  I figured the little bit of leg swelling was due to the fact that its hot out, and hot on my floor ( I swear the AC does not work!!). And, my blood pressure has been….boarder line.  It was taken at work which I don’t think is a good place to take it because I’m walking around a lot of dealing with patients/new parents who are just clueless…which of course makes me want to shake them. 

The midwife that I talked to seemed to be not too worried about it.  She said to make sure I drink lots and lots of water(makes the kidneys work harder to get rid of excess water), and lay on my left side when possible ( for better blood flow), also to wear support socks to try and reduce some of the swelling.  So, overall she wasn’t too concerned, but she did say if it continues to get worse I may have be on bed rest as I get more pregnant. That is enough to scare me into eating as much protein as I can pack into a day.  Protein = less chances of preeclampsia.  So, protein I will eat. 

In other news, I’ve been feeling the babies more often.  Pretty much everyday now.  I love it!  I can certainly feel when one of them is using my bladder has a trampoline or a pillow.


4 thoughts on “A little swollen…

  1. Wow – 21 weeks!!!!!! Go you!!! This heat is terrible and I am so ready for Fall/Winter! Keep drinking that water and eating all the protein – we can't wait to see a belly pic :)We are at 15 weeks tomorrow – time flies!!!

  2. I can't even imagine how much fun it must be to feel TWO babies! I love feeling my one and can't imagine two! lol. glad ur doing well and sorry about the swollen feet! this weather is terrible. I didn't have any swelling until last week and now my feet are up all the time. This is one time I'm glad my job is at a desk in front of a computer 🙂

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