Update & Day 10

Okay, I know… I really stink at even non-challenges.  No reason really, other than just not enough time… 
I’ve been feeling pretty good. A lot less pukish ( yay!) and less tired (yay!)!! Recently co-workers have been pointing out my baby bump, saying, “wow, you’ve popped!” I can feel it.  It is getting harder to get comfortable to sleep and to stay asleep.  Mostly because I wake up trying to get comfortable after moving around.  My feet hurt ( a lot!) mostly after work, but yesterday on my day off they hurt too… They don’t seem swollen… I hope that a change in shoes will fix this problem.

Here is my favorite recipe…

Get some little chicken wings toss them in some yummy buffalo sauce with a side of ranch (or blue cheese if your not incubating).  Of course you need the celery for dipping.  Or, just go here. Delish!! 



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