School Days

Day 2

Ahhh… High School.

I was a pretty good student.  I got good grades, knew enough people and got along with almost everyone.  In 11th grade I became president of the FCCLA (Family Career Community Leaders of America), and a member of my schools Ambassadors club, and a member of Stop the Violence. 

The last years of high school were pretty good.  I enjoyed being apart of clubs and meeting lots of new people.  I graduated top 5% of my class.  I wish I would of went straight to college after high school but that did not happen. 

I was a funky kid.  I’m going to include a picture….. I’d just sums it all up.  However, by this picture you can not tell I was a good student. haha. Really, I was!!

I’m not sure why there was no sheet on my bed!!  Notice the rainbow belt on the bed and the rainbow picture frames on the shelf above the bed.  Those where also my wayyyyy too many rainbow days. Rainbows everywhere.

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