Long Overdue Update

Have I really not posted over 3 weeks?!  Forgive me, for I am going to repay you with the 30 day non-challenge!

Where to start…Where to start….


  • We had a recent midwife appointment, everything went well.  Both babies heartbeats where able to be found with the doppler.  We have a home doppler, so we knew that she could find them too.  We showed her where we generally find them. One sits on the right side, and the other on the left. I’m pretty sure that baby A is the one on the left, and B is the one on the right.  It goes by the baby closest to cervix, right?  Baby A is lower than B.
  • I had an early one hour glucose test due to family history, which I passed with flying colors.  Blood pressure was good, and weight gain is also good.  According to my scale at home I’ve lost 4 lbs, but according to the scale in the office…I’ve gained 1lb.  Either way, I’m good.
  • We declined all screening sonograms for downs and spinal cord defects. So, my next sonogram will be the anatomy scan on June 27th.  At that appointment we will also be meeting with the MFM (maternal-fetal medicine) doctor aka high risk doctor because the midwives want at least one visit with her due to the twin factor.  I have faith that, that too will go smoothly.


  •  I thought I felt the first movements at the beginning of last week. It was like quick little flutter type things.   I felt one on the left and then one higher than where I though the babies were, so who knows if that was really a movement.  However, last night while I was at work….I’m pretty sure I felt a stronger more definite tap from the inside.  I hope to feel them more often for reassurance, really.  

Aches and pains: 

  •  Soreness.  Recently, my abdomen has felt like I did 1000+ sit ups.  I can assure you that did not happen in real life! 
  • When I get up from a sitting position too fast I feel a pulling/pressure feeling in my lower abdomen.  I only feel it sometimes. Round ligament pain? 
  • I still at times feel nauseous.  Thankfully, not as often as earlier in the pregnancy.  When I let myself get hungry or eat too much is mostly when I feel it these days.  Or, sometimes for no reason at all.
  • Sleeping is getting more difficult. It is hard to get comfortable. I’m finding myself needed extra pillows and a blanket or pillow between my legs.  I feel like I wake up a million times during the night..tossing…turning…tossing…turning…. I know it will only get worse.

The good: 

  • The time seems to be flying by. I really can not believe I am nearly 16 weeks pregnant.  Almost half way to meeting our little babies!! 
  • I had a droplet of colostrum come out the other day. The milk bar is fillin’ up!  Hopefully, Laurie’s will be fillin’ up too.  Four boobies are better than two. Right?  One of the midwives said she has a “special recipe” for her to induce lactation.  Hopefully, it wont be too hard being that they know what to do already. 
  • I can’t fit into any of my pre-pregnancy pants, but I’m holding on to my shirts. Some of them still to the trick.  We’re lucky to not have to buy more maternity clothes, all of Laurie’s fit me! Yippie! 
  • I’ve started drinking a protein shake (yuck! Any of you have good recipes for making it taste better?!) I’ve have an aversion to chop meat. So I mostly just eat chicken.  Sometimes I just don’t meet my 100g protein requirement.

Food Aversions/ Cravings:

  • All I really want to eat is french fries. Yum. And, tater tots! Let’s be real… baked potatoes too. Carbs. Yum!
  • Chicken wings are good too.  Chicken wings and french fries. Yes, please!
  • No chop meat. Yuck. No tacos, hamburgers, nothing that includes chop meat.
  • Ice cream. Love it. I want to eat it all the time. I could swim in it.
  • Chips and dip. Lays in onion dip. Tostitos in salsa or cheese dip. Either one, yummyy!!
  • Hot dogs on the BBQ. YUM!

Okay, now I’m hungry!  It seems like there are more things that I like to eat than not like to eat.  These babies just like to eat.

hmm…what else is there?! If I missed anything tell me in the comment section and I’ll update on whatever I’ve missed. =)  


5 thoughts on “Long Overdue Update

  1. I don't make my protein most days but both babies have been big on all scans. I too do the protein shakes using whey. I mix with frozen blueberries, 1 scoop vanilla ice cream and milk. Mine come out to being around 30 grams when all is added in there. Glad to have you back and wonderful to hear all is going so well!

  2. awwww yay for updates!!! So glad everything's going well… and I'm not pregnant, but I remember when you announced you were, and I too think time is FLYING by. Crazy, eh?

  3. I've been checking up on your site for updates since the 12th week….and then you posted this. Thanks for the update…glad you four are well : ) I will continue to follow.

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