Blogging Space

Day 1 of the June Non-challenge!

Usually, I blog from home.  I actually work at work.  Sucks, I know!  I get home at 11:30pm and usually Laurie and Ryan are already asleep.  When I’m not exhausted I blog before I go to bed.  Sometimes, I need a wind down time from work if it was a busy night.  Other times, I’m too tired to do anything but think about my bed! Hence, the blog hiatus has has plagued my blog before.  Or, I blog while Ryan is napping (If I’m not napping along with him!)

This is my favorite of our two couches.  Even though at any moment it might fall apart!  You can’t really tell, but there are still Easter/spring window clings on the windows.  BUT, for the sake of this picture, I took off the Easter eggs and bunnies.  Ryan likes to look and point to them. Excuses, excuses!!


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