11 weeks!

I just announced on facebook that I’m pregnant. I can’t believe I did it.  I had it in my mind to wait until 12 weeks. But, 11 weeks sounded so good.  And, we had a sono this evening!!  ….So, why not?!

Baby A: measuring 11w2d HB- 170
Baby B: measuring 11w2d HB- 168.

Baby A was trying to rest while baby B was going bonkers.  Baby B was bouncing around like crazy! 

We unfortunately, had the WORST tech ever!  She gave us horrible pictures which are not even postable. They were just that bad.  At one point she said, How many weeks are you suppose to be?!  Apparently, Baby A was measuring 10w3d.  I wasn’t able to see the screen at all.  When I asked her if she could move the screen so I could see it she said, “Well, if I pushed it so you could see it do you think I could see it?!”  Of course then I started to cry.  With the combination of thinking something could be wrong and me not being able to see them, and her being so rude put me over the edge.  All I could see was her facial expressions and they did not look good.  But, after her moving the chair back a little more she was able to get a better angle and everything seemed to brighten up.  Laurie was able to see them and she got a better measurement of baby A. Thank goodness!

I feel better now that everything is just fine.  Now, It’s time for chicken wings! These babies love chicken wings!


8 thoughts on “11 weeks!

  1. Ugh, what a horrible tech. I'm so glad they're doing well, though, and congrats on the FB announcement! (n loved wings, too – the twins obviously have good taste!)

  2. Yay for 11 weeks!!!!! Gosh – you are flying right along!! I planned our 1st ultrasound with the tech I like that comes into the office only on Wednesdays….our first one will be on May 11th – gotta love those 11's 🙂 I would tell the office manager you don't want that tech again… you're paying lots of money and should be able to see the screen!!!

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