Double digits!! I feel like 10 weeks is huge milestone.  Maybe because of it’s double digit-ness.  In our weekly e-mail it says the babies are the size of LIMES!  A lime seems substantial, no? 

As time progresses, I think I’ve been starting to feel better.  A little less tired and nauseous.  I’m excited to get some of my energy back and not not feel like I’m going to toss my cookies at any second. 

This weekend I had a huge pregnancy chow down.  Fried (slowly cooked in a pan with onions until it’s brown…yum!) Sauerkraut and Chocolate Chip ice cream.  I was trying to get others to try it…It was really good!

That’s all from me folks…  Happy 10 weeks to meeee!!!!!


8 thoughts on “TEN!

  1. lol you know you're pregnant when…. although, the chocolate chip ice cream part of that sounds yummy (by itself, not coupled with sauerkraut).And limes… they're getting bigger! YAAAAY!!!!=)

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