9w2d & lovin’ it.

Sorry for my lack of blogging (and commenting)… The first trimester has kicked my butt.  I’ve been exhausted and nauseous all day everyday.  Napping has become a top priority.  Luckily, Ryan takes 2 naps during the day which means I take 2 naps too!

Although I’ve been feeling nauseous, I have only gotten sick a hand full of times. I hope to keep it that way too!  I find that I get sick if I let myself get too hungry. Solution = eat! Problem = I only want to eat PB & J and spicy chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s.  Nothing else sounds good….

Other than the above, I’ve been feeling pretty good.  I can’t fit into my pants (I think this is the only time I’d be excited about that), but …YAY! I have not gained any weight yet, even though all I do is eat. My boobs have gotten bigger and only my bra with no under wire is comfortable.  And, the best thing of all…..  ONLY 5 more days of shots! Whooohooo! I can not wait until those are over!

Hopefully, as the second trimester comes along I’ll start to get my energy back and I wont have to nap everyday instead of blogging. =)


3 thoughts on “9w2d & lovin’ it.

  1. I'm 9w2d, too 🙂 I was having intense desires for Wendy's spicy chicken sandwiches, too…until I threw one up! Cheers to being *almost* through the 1st tri…and to the end of shots! (I do savor a good nap, though, pregnant or not :))

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