Today’s scan was nothing short of perfect.  Our Dr. is very pleased with how the babies are looking and growing.  My hormone levels are also right on track!  We actually did not graduate today because of the slight spotting that I’m having.  It’s very light, mostly brown/pink and I have not had any in days, except this morning, naturally.  So, they want to see me one more time just for kicks.  And, I have not made my midwife appointment yet…. Shame on me!  Which is totally my fault, but they said one more week at the RE is fine.

We made our choice to go with the midwives vs. our family doctor.  I left a message with our family doctors office staff to have her call me because I have some questions.  It is very unlike her to not call back.  I can almost guarantee her office staff did not give her the message.  We actually have her cell phone number, but it is meant for questions/problems with Ryan.  I don’t want a abuse it and call her with other questions.  Being that I need something more reliable, and flexible the midwives win that. 

I’m going to leave you with a few shots of the babies…
A’s heartbeat was 139 and measuring 7w3d.  B’s was 131 and measuring 7w2d.  Perfection.

Heartbeats! <3 
view #1

view #2

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