I feel like this week is such a hurdle for me.  I can’t wait to be passed week 6! I was nervous all day yesterday that something was going to happen.  Today proves to be no different.  I’m trying to hard to enjoy this pregnancy, but on the days of m/c #1 & #2 I finding that difficult to do.   I’ve been having some spotting. Only once was it like, kinda reddish.  I have it one second and then nothing the next.  I know that it is totally normal to spot, and even more normal to spot brown, but god. This does not do anything to help me relax!! I wanted to die and fall off the toilet the first time I saw a little discoloration on the paper….  I just really, REALLY do not want the nightmare of miscarriage to happen again.  The good thing is that I don’t have too many cramps.  I had them a lot in the beginning but they have subsided a lot.  I usually only feel like 1 or 2 a day now.  Much better than a million times. =)
Maybe after today I will feel a little more at ease.  I really wont feel at ease until the HB scan (…when we see TWO beautiful heartbeats!!!) on Thursday.  I can’t wait!! 

Relax and stay calm….Relax and stay calm…..  Thursday please hurry!!  


8 thoughts on “6w1d

  1. I'm sure Thursday cannot come fast enough! We're thinking of you all and we hope you get through this week quickly and without incident.

  2. Sending lots of positive energy and thoughts your way! I had the same anxiety when I crossed our mc week too. Its hell but in 2 more days you get to see two awesome heartbeats!

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