Today I am 4w4d!!  
I can not wait until I get passed 6w3d (March 31st) , that will be one day passed both miscarriages.  Naturally, April fools day is the following day. I hope my body does not play a horrible joke on me!!  I’m ready for a smooth and problem free pregnancy.  
 So far, everything seems to be moving right along. I’ve been having some symptoms that have been coming and going.  One of which I’m not a fan of, cramping. Oh, how I don’t like thee.  I know it is totally normal to cramp, and its very possible to cramp though the entire pregnancy, but it freaks me out!!  Cramping was really the one sign, other than bleeding, that I had with my miscarriages. So, of course I’m obsessively nervous about them.  Some other symptoms I’m having include, bloat and frequent urination.  The bloat is so bad that half the time I have to unbutton my pants.  Good thing I wear scrubs at work!  And, I probably go pee 15,000 times a day.  I’m constantly hungry.  It feels like I’m looking for food every hour!  I don’t mind, I like having symptoms, I feel like things are moving along if I have symptoms.  Just the cramping makes me on edge. 
Still, a very select few people know that I am pregnant. Neither of our mothers know and we plan on keeping it this way until at least the heartbeat scan.  I need that to feel more comfortable in this pregnancy, then I’ll spill the beans to them.  Even though I want to wait until the baby is born to tell anyone, but I can’t do that! LOL!   “Hi Mom! ….I had a baby!”  She’d kill me!

One week from today is our first sono (5w5d) and then I’m guessing the week after that would be the heartbeat scan.  I’m excited to see my little sac!!


8 thoughts on “4w4d

  1. I am so happy for you guys! I completely understand the keeping it mum until you "feel more comfortable" in the pregnancy…that is such a great way to describe the happy caution that comes following what you have already been through. I can totally relate and I am certain others will too! Wishing you much much much luck for a strong healthy heartbeat on the upcoming scan!

  2. hahahaha yeah if your mom is anything like my mom is anything like moms all over the world… she'd keeeeeeeell you if you waited until the baby was born to tell her. 😉 But I do understand being cautious, especially given what you've gone through. Thinking healthy baby thoughts in your direction!

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