Beta #2


Doubling time is 52 hours.  I’m not ecstatic about that, but it is within the normal range of 48-72hrs. So, that makes it better. =)

First sono is scheduled for Friday the 25th, first thing in the morning at 7:30 am!

Has anyone else had a more than 48 hour doubling time (…and everything turn out okay!)??


11 thoughts on “Beta #2

  1. Gosh I don't know much at all about the specifics of doubling, but I think 237 is a great number and I'm sure everything will be more than okay!!!!! 🙂

  2. hydration status can play a role in your numbers as well. If you've been drinking more water than usual, your blood will be slightly more dilute, changing the concentraion of hormone in your blood. the number is completely within the range of normal for your gestational day, so I'd take it with a smile.

  3. Nice betas! What I can add is that a study done on women having IVF found that those pregnancies with a beta of 200-299 on day 16 post ovulation/retrieval had a 96% chance of continuing with the pregnancy.

  4. I had a ridiculously low doubling, 1st was 19 and the second was 54 on day 14 and 15 DPO.7 months later. . . 2 healthy babies! So don't stress too much about the numbers. There is a HUGE range of normal. Sending you double the amount of sticky happy baby dust!!

  5. My first doubling time for our IVF cycle was 49.34. Which I stressed about only to find out a short while later there were two babies in there. Final beta sped up to 38.66. So I think your numbers sound great! Congratulations!

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