The babes are in! 

1 grade AA hatching blast and 1 grade AA expanded (just about hatching) blast were transferred this afternoon.  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the quality of the embryos.  Dr. S said that he hardly ever sees this kind of transfer (2 AA hatching/expanding blasts).  He is thrilled with the outcome… me too!

There are 6 embryos left (well, all 9 [minus above embryos] are left, but 3 of them have been labeled as “poor”).  1 of those 6 was already big and strong enough to freeze!  Whoop!  The remaining 5 are all either early or very early blasts.  Dr. S predicts that we’ll probably get 2 or 3 more to freeze.  Sweet.

As I was getting the transfer, Dr. S said, “Well, are you ready for twins?! You two are going to be very busy with a 24 month old and twins!” haha. I am ready. I am so ready! And, that is what I told him.  He is happy with my track record and fully expects me to be pregnant with (and deliver) twins. 

Oh! I forgot to mention.  Happy 100th post to me!!!  This here, my wonderful transfer post, is my 100th post!!

Now, we wait…….


13 thoughts on “*Transfer*

  1. Do you really want twins?!? I know I would only let them put in one blast if I was in your situation.I hope you do get what you want though, brave brave ladies!! lol

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