After getting wanded, blood work and bunches of meds my time has come.  After 15 days of stimming retrieval is finally (very early!) tomorrow morning.

The bowel prep was…… disgusting.  It took me almost an hour to drink 1/2 of the bottle.  I tried with or without a straw.  I tried to chase the drink with water, soda, apple juice, oh and a garlic knot.  The winning combo was for me to drink with a straw and plug my nose.  Just before I was about to gag, I stopped and put a piece of garlic knot to take gross flavor of salty lemon flavored grossness out of my mouth.  The nurse told me that I had to drink at least 1/2. So, I drank 1/2.  It did it’s job just fine. So, FYI, you only have to drink 1/2. =)

Our original plan was to take Ryan and Laurie would wait in the waiting room.  I was okay with this until tonight.  I got nervous that something was going to happen and Laurie wouldn’t be able to help me because she had the baby.  So, against our “don’t tell family” policy, Laurie called her Aunt and Ryan will be dropped off in the AM.  She was told the truth because we had no reason to be dropping off Ryan at 6am.  There was just no way around it.  It’s okay. I trust her that she won’t tell anyone.

Either Laurie or myself will update tomorrow afternoon.  Wish me luck!


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