Almost Ready

Right: 10 x2, 12, 13, 14, and 17.
Left: 16, 17, 17.5, 18 x2, and 20.
Estrogen levels: 84 to 187 to 227 to 672.
Lining: 11

As of right now, I have 7 follicles that are ready.  I’m really hoping that the ones that are at 10 now will plump up in time for retrieval.  Tomorrow will determine weather or not I trigger tomorrow or if Dr. S thinks it can be pushed one more day.  At this point, he wants to get my smaller ones a little bigger but not at the cost of the already big ones.   We don’t want to loose the ones we know are good.  Understandable.  So, If I trigger tomorrow that will give me a Monday retrieval.  And, a Sunday trigger will give me a Tuesday retrieval.  Now, that my weekend retrieval is out of the picture, it don’t matter to me which day it falls on.  I just want to go in and wake up.  Have I mentioned to you that I’m always petrified to be put to sleep.  I always have this fear of never waking up again.  I’m thinking this is a normal fear, no?!


3 thoughts on “Almost Ready

  1. Yeah!! Those follies are looking great! Oh, I am so excited for you. It's always nervous-making to receive general anaesthesia, especially after they make you sign off on all the risks, but the anaesthesiologist gets paid big (BIG) bucks to keep you and the hundreds of other patients they see each month safe. I know you will do just fine.

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