Right: 14.5 and 11.
Left: 14.5 x2, 14, 13, and 11.5.
Estrogen levels: 84 to 187 to 227.

To me it seems like this cycle is a bust. I feel like it’s moving so slow and I’m not producing as many eggs as last time.  But, the clinic is very pleased.  My levels are rising nice and slow, and my eggs are all growing at the same time.  I have no crazy highs and lows like last time…..  So, they are happy.  
I keep having to remind myself that it is quality not quantity.  
I’m in the zone where I’ll be going everyday for scans and bw, I’m hoping for a weekend retrieval because I’m off from work and that would just be very convenient, but I don’t really see that coming to pass.  Probably more like Monday/Tuesday.

5 thoughts on “Control

  1. Nice and slow is exactly what they want to see, as aggravating as it is for those of us on the pincushion side! Your E2 and follies are increasing and that is the important thing. I haven't been commenting because I've been stuck reading on my phone for the last week or so, but I'm following along and cheering for you every step of the way!

  2. Slow and steady is not a bad thing. THat is how I work and I stimmed for 18 – 20 days. It always seemed like nothing was happening and then at the end my levels rose quickly. So, don't consider this a bust – all will work out just fine!

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