Day 11

Alright, we’ve got some action to report.  As of today, I have 4 measurable follicles. 2 that were 10 and 2 that were 10.5 and many less than 10 on both sides.  Going with my last cycle I’m due to start popping up little follicles any day.

The RE is happy with my progress, slow and steady wins the race….right?!  My levels are good and my estrogen is rising at a steady pace.  When the nurse called me today with my levels I was instructed to start Menapur.  Now, If you remember from a few posts ago, I didn’t order it because the Dr. said that I probably wouldn’t use it.  Liar!  Luckily, the clinic had 2 vials to give me for today and tomorrow and I’ll be getting a shipment for a few more on Wednesday.  They are also giving me the 2 or 3 extra days of Gonal-F that I’ll need because I’m running out.  I love free meds!! whoo! Oh, and the expiration date on the menapur: 11/11, just a side note =)  The menapur is to help mature the follicles –Let’s hope it does its job! This cycle is proving to be as long (or, possibly longer!!) than last cycle… I’m just trying to keep reminding myself that slow and steady is good and I just have to go with it.  Having faith in something you have no control over is not easy!


3 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. of course it would be 11/11 – yet another sign of good luck 😉 we just got a call from our nurse today who was able to round up 1/2 of the meds we will need for our upcoming first IVF cycle!!! We are going to move it up a month and will now start the BCP in March and retrieval/transfer will be in April! Sending lots of good vibes your way!!!!!

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