Second Check

I could really just rewrite the previous post and it would do the job.  Everything is the same, except the fact that my lining was 8 instead.   I have been upped to 300iu of gonal for today and tomorrow.  I go back in on Saturday for another check.  According to my last fresh cycle I’m pretty much doing the same thing.  I’m hoping by Monday I’ll have a decent amount of measurable little eggs in there. 

I really like having only one doctor review my results.  I like that I don’t feel confused and questioning the next doctors decisions based on what another doctor has told me.  I usually see the NP or the RN and then they send my results to Dr.S and he either calls me back himself, or the office calls back with the results and what to do next.  I like it, it puts me at ease and lets me have trust and faith in how this cycle is going.


5 thoughts on “Second Check

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