At rest.

As of yesterday my ovaries are resting for 3 days and stimming will start on Friday.  Nice and early this morning the FedEx guy practically broke down our door to have me sign for my meds. Is it really necessary to knock like someone is killing you on the porch??  I guess he really wanted to let me know he was here…. 
 In the box I received 4 900IU of Gonal-F, 5 Ganarilix, HCG, PIO and all the needles that go with them.  I surely hope that this will be the last time I will need to put all of these meds into my body.  I feel like the FET was so nice and easy and the fresh cycles has so much….stuff.  The good part of it all is the fresh transfer.  Last time I stimmed for 14 days which felt like forever. The normal is 10-12 days… It’s amazing how those 2 extra days felt like a month!  Times like these I wish I had a crystal ball so I can look into the future to see how things will turn out.

7 thoughts on “At rest.

  1. My crystal ball is predicting a great cycle! (; Good luckstarting on Friday! Did you ever complain to Wal.greens about your pro.zac mess up? What happened with that??

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