Diet Pepsi

Addict. A Diet Pepsi addict. Yep, that’s me. And, for some reason I can’t kick it.  It’s just soooo good!! 
I somehow managed to wean myself off of coffee.  Which, I have not had in weeks.  This is hard to do working in a hospital.  Heath care workers live on coffee, It just runs in our blood. Someone is always making a pot, or making a coffee run. Yum Yum.  But, I have been a good girl.  I want to do everything possible to help this pregnancy happen and coffee just had to go. So does Diet Pepsi, sadly.  Currently, I drink about 4-5 cans a day (most likely more..).  However, I do much prefer fountain Diet Pepsi and I could drink gallons of that!  Nice and cold with just the right amount of ice.  Yes, Please!
I know that caffeine and artificial sweeteners are okay during pregnancy if they are consumed in moderation.  Moderation and Diet Pepsi are just not friends.  I used this moderation theory in my prior pregnancies, and we all know how they turned out.  So, this time I want to do something different. Something that I can control.  I figure it can only help.

My goal:  No soda by transfer day. 


7 thoughts on “Diet Pepsi

  1. I think that is a really good idea. I have never been a fan of diet drinks….just what do they put into them?!?I drank real coke during my pregnancy (in moderation) and wouldn't touch the diet drinks.

  2. I was able to cut out Diet Coke to the point where I stopped liking it and 2-4 cans were common for me per day. I did it with Soda Water. I drank buckets of it while TTC and pregnant. I'm not sure if you still have this in the states (we've never had it in Canada) but I used to buy the Canada Dry Flavored Soda water. It was low or 0 sodium and tasty without being sweet. I found the soda water worked because I wasn't going to 100% flat drinks and I was also getting water. Also, no cal and no sugar.

  3. Ditto on what J said. I looooved Diet Coke but quit the month before I got pregnant because I knew I couldn't have it during pregnancy. I haven't gone back because even thought I love it, I know how bad that stuff is for you. I still miss it – I literally had visions of Diet Coke cakes dancing in my head for months. But seltzer totally helped because you still get the fizzy goodness, plus its water, which is so good for you during pregnancy. We even bought SodaStream (so you can make your own seltzer and soda at home, so you can control the flavor and fizziness). Obsessed with it! Good luck!!

  4. good luck! I was an iced coffee junkie. Medium iced coffee black with 1 splenda from DD. I still get the shakes a little when I think about it. It was hell but I've been "clean" since transfer.

  5. I still drink Diet Dr. Pepper—it is amazing. I limit myself to one a day. But while pregnant and at the begining of nursing I didn't drink it. Good luck, because it is the best thing!

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