1st appointment

Yesterdays appointment went pretty good.   I had b/w & u/s and then talked to Dr. S. On u/s I had a follicle that could of had an egg it in which could of dropped and that would mean I’d have to wait another 2 weeks to see if AF comes.  The b/w results would tell us which way to go. Either start provera or wait another 2 weeks.  I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to wait and I don’t have to. I got the phone call yesterday to start provera because my period is, “no where to be seen”.  I think it had stage fright.
Well, Thanks to C…V..S. P.harmac.y, I was not able to start provera last night. Ya see, they gave me Prozac instead of Provera! Nice, real nice. I looked at the label and I didn’t recognize the generic name. I looked at the pills and they didn’t look right either! So, If I get there today (we got about 15 inches of snow last night!!) I will start today, If not. Tomorrow. By the end of this cycle I might need that prozac!!!  
 Dr. S. also said yes to the extra folic acid. As for the aspirin he said that it wouldn’t hurt and I could take it if I wanted to. I want to. Anything helps and if it can’t hurt, I’m in.

6 thoughts on “1st appointment

  1. Wishing you all kinds of luck… And quite the c.v.s screw up – hope you’re able to start today. I added folgard onto my IVF cycle after my 2 early loses. It’s a folic acid complex with addition B vitamins. Thinking of you all!

  2. Geez, that's terrifying, isn't it? How many people read the label that carefully, and if they see an unfamiliar generic name, just assume it's the right generic for whatever they were prescribed?? I agree with PP – you should file a complaint.But shaking that off… Hope AF is here by now and you are well on your way!

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