Third time is a charm, right?!

AF has not started and I just can’t wait anymore for it.  It was suppose to come around the 5th and it didn’t. I think that I’ve waited my due time.  It is now the 10th of January and I’ve made an appointment for tomorrow for blood work and hopefully the start of provera. I’m ready to get this cycle started.
I want to ask the Dr. about doing aspirin therapy (which is just taking an aspirin a day).  A few people have told me that I should try it, but I don’t want to do anything without talking to Dr. S. first.  Has anyone done that with positive results?  I feel like I need to do something to help my odds. I’m taking a extra folic acid with my PNV and I’m just wishing and hoping that the third time is a charm.  At our clinic there are several doctors that you may have in the mornings after your us/bw. This time around as suggested by my primary there, we’re going to stick with just him. This way, when my meds need to be adjusted it is only one Dr. doing the adjustments.  This is to hopefully help control the big dips down and the high rises of my hormones that happened last time.  Which made my eggs halt on growing.  Last time I always felt like the doctors were not agreeing with each other.  One day I’d go in and one would say go up and the next would say go down and then the next would say go up.. You get the picture.  Each doctor has their own way of thinking, So with only one Dr. looking at my results I’m hoping to stay pretty stable in the hormone department. 

Please, PLEASE, PLEEEASSEE let this be the last time I need to an IVF cycle. Please let me be pregnant and birth a baby in 9 months. Please?! I feel like I’ve put in my dues, two fold.  I want to make Ryan a big brother  –He is going to be so cute with his little brother or sister.

Let’s hope for nice plump eggs, not TOO many (I don’t want OHSS!), a smooth retrieval and a even smoother transfer, oh…and a fast 2ww. I’m going to need you guys this time.  I need all the good wishes, vibes, chants and anything else you’ve got thrown at me. 


10 thoughts on “Third time is a charm, right?!

  1. I am chanting positive words in your direction! You definately want to avoid OHSS as I was not a fan, so hopefully your doc can figure out a good and productive dosage.

  2. Sending you positive vibes for all of the above. You've put in more than your dues and it's your turn now. As for aspirin, my doc said NO. I don't know why so I think you are rightto ask first. I went to a naturopath (sp?) and he wanted me on fish oil to imrpve the quality of my blood and also said no to aspirin.

  3. In my case, third time was indeed a charm. I've noticed that trend for lots of people in the blogosphere too.But what matters HERE is that the third time will be a charm for YOU and your family! It will.Sending all the good vibes I've got.

  4. Wishing you the best this cycle. I did low does aspirin (two m/c's prior to last insemination), PNV and extra folic acid. Have you had your glucose levels checked? You probably already have but just in case. I believe that was a factor in my experience. Sending you tons of positive fertile vibes.

  5. I have MTHFR, so I did aspirin & extra B6/B12/Folic Acid the cycle that worked (and the cycle I got pregnant and miscarried later, I'd done aspirin during the cycle, and stopped early in pregnancy).I really really hope this is the last time you need to cycle!

  6. Sending good vibes your way! I did low dose asprin throughout my last IVF cycle. This was perscribed by my RE. I can't exactly remember, but I am almost positive I stopped when I graduated the RE at 7 1/2 weeks.

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