RPL Panel Results

Everything was 100% normal!

I’m glad that there is nothing wrong with me.  But, there are parts of me that were hoping there was that way it could be fixed.  Is that wrong?!

I feel that there is good and bad to the “there is nothing wrong at all” result.  I’m glad that I don’t have any of the disorders mentioned by the doctor that makes it nearly impossible to carry a baby – I’m happy to be healthy.  The bad part is that I have no answers.  No reason to why I have so perfectly gotten pregnant only to miscarry two times in a row.  No reasons to why I’ve miscarried at 6w (almost to the day!) both times.  No answers at all. 

I’m hoping to find hope for my next cycle.  It is nice to know that it could of just been a “bad batch of eggs” and next cycle they could all be just fine.  We’ve decided to wait until January for our next cycle.  We have Thanksgiving, a cruise, Christmas and New Year’s all in one months time.  It would be entirely too stressful to then introduce a fresh IVF cycle. So, January it is!


8 thoughts on “RPL Panel Results

  1. I didn't get any answers after my losses either. Frustrating because there's nothing to fix, but far less stressful once you make it past the 6 week hurdle. (Which you WILL do next time!) I think that people who have to contend with autoimmune issues, natural killer cells, etc. seem to have more stressful pregnancies. From what I can tell, it's harder to reach a point that they feel safe and confident, and I feel for them big time.Come on January!

  2. Definitely good but mixed news to have no known problems. It's frustrating to never know why those pregnancies ended the way they did but I'm relieved there isn't a bigger problem underlying.

  3. I'm with you. Every time a test came back normal, I cursed it because I was so anxious for something to FIX so I could freaking get pregnant already. It still bothers me that they could never tell me what my problem was.You guys have quite the exciting holiday season planned! All of that time spent with family and friends will surely do wonders for your heart and spirit – a good thing as you gear up for a cycle in January!

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