Should we?!

about the blog merging situation that Laurie posted….

My main reason for thinking that we should merge is because I feel so separate.  I wanted us to have one big blog to begin with, but it really has not worked out that way.. 

My idea was to go to wordpress and leave the blog open to all but password protect my posts.  I think that it would work out just fine! Laurie – not so much.  She feels like I’d be writing in her diary ( I laughed so hard when she said this –it just sounded so funny!)

I think that most of my readers read her blog too… So, I don’t think that I’d be loosing anyone.   And, I’d hope that if we were to make that move that loyal readers would follow me there. 

I can’t force her.  I’d miss my blog –It’s pretty and hers is …well….. grey!

So, for all of you bloggers out there… What should we do?! Stay put or become one blog?!


3 thoughts on “Should we?!

  1. I read both, but if she really would feel like you're writing in her diary, then maybe not. Would she still feel that way even if you both had separate log-ins? That's what J and I do (even though she hasn't posted in FOREVER), because otherwise I too get a bit territorial. But it feels different if we both have log-ins etc.

  2. Separate bug equal! If you merge them are you going to talk about TTC trials or continue her path of mommyhood and ryan specific posts? If you still want to keep TTC stuff under wraps, I think it'd be best to remain separate.

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