No Good Very Bad Day!

I have been trying to think of something to post about. After all, I’m suppose to be posting ever day. Well, I just wasn’t feeling the inspiration to blog…

But, now I do. Yesterday was one of those days that just nothing, NOTHING at all went right.

I woke up in a crabby mood. Everything I touched either broke, got ruined or I dropped it. Oh, it was lovely. I was hoping that it wouldn’t continue with me to work, but of course… It did!!

To start the night off I was alone.  Just me with 27 patients (and their babies!!)….. I just knew it wasn’t going to be good.  Over half of them were just so needy.  I do not have a problem with taking care of them, helping them up, helping them take care of their new babes, teaching them to nurse, and overall just keeping them happy. Well, I do have a problem with people who abuse the call bell system… When you have a room full of visitors, and your husband is there…. you don’t need to ring the bell for me to get you ice.  Send your husband or Uncle Joe, I’m sure they’d be delighted to get it for you.  Or the patients who just ring constantly for just about anything they can think of. I’m here to help you –not to be your hospital slave.  The night was long…really long… 11pm could not come soon enough!  I hope that tonight they send me some help!! Of course the nurses could  SHOULD help, but the majority of them don’t.  They just ask me if I did this, or did I do that….um, NO(!!!!) but if you help me I could!!  I just hope tonight goes a lot smoother. 


4 thoughts on “No Good Very Bad Day!

  1. Wow, that sounds awful. 😦 Are you on a postpartum floor? What do you do? I guess I never realized you had to be around new moms and babies at work. I can't even imagine how hard that must be at times.

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