I’m not sure what the Dr. was holding out for.  (??)

When we went for the sono on Saturday morning It seemed like they were looking at something and just didn’t want to tell me what they were seeing. (??)  There was no baby, no heartbeat… no life at all. : (  My lining measured at 24.1 which could of just been a simple tech measurement difference, but I think that is what was having them a little tricked.  My lining was still so thick with all the bleeding and they just couldn’t figure out why.  When the nurse called me with my bw results she said for me to keep on taking my meds.  Now, by this time I’ve just had it. WHY (!!?!?!!) Why do I have to still take my meds if two days in a row there was no baby (??) Did my uterus mysteriously eat the baby and then it was going to show it’s self again???  I didn’t get it…neither did the nurse.  When I asked why she said that she honestly didn’t really know why.  ….well thanks. She said that she’d call the Dr. and she’d call me back.  When she called back the second time she said that yes in fact I could come off the meds. I’m not sure what they were thinking about when they told me to stay on the meds in the first place. 

I have an appointment with our RE on Wednesday to talk about everything.  There will be some testing done once everything is all cleared up to make sure I don’t have some rare attack-a-baby body.  Hopefully, that will all come back negative. 

So for now, we’ll just wait it out. …..again.


5 thoughts on “100%

  1. I'm so sorry to hear this. I can imagine how frustrating it must have been to have that lack of clarity from the doctor even though it was so clear to you what was happening. Thinking of you a lot.

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