ahh… yesss! I have made it past 6 weeks. I feel like it’s a huge milestone for me.  I was so afraid that I was not going to be able to carry a baby (any baby) past 6 weeks. I was petrified to wake up the day I turned 6 weeks to have some big blood fest, but that did not happen at all.  What did happen was enough to send me into a panic.  On Tuesday I went to the bathroom to find brownish gooey discharge. Ew!  I went into instant panic mode and called Laurie. She thought it was normal, but I wasn’t believing her. I called the clinic and they said, ” It is totally normal”….  I should of been a little relaxed then, right?! Not! Every time I went into the bathroom I checked and checked again to see if it was subsiding. It lasted about a day or so and now is totally gone. I seriously thought my worst nightmare was coming true….. I’m glad that I was all wrong about that.
Tomorrow will be our second sono and we’re hoping to at least see (maybe hear?) a heartbeat.  With Ryan, Laurie was 6w5d when we heard his hb, I’ll be 6w2d.  I guess we’ll just have to wait until tomorrow to find out!  I have a very early 7am appointment…so we wont have to wait all day.
I’m starting to feel more and more pregnant each day.  Some days are better than others, but overall I feel pretty goood. I’ve had headaches here and there. I’m peeing all. the. time. and I’ve been getting increasingly tired within the past few days.
Everything seems to be going pretty good at 6 weeks so far. Yay!

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