10dp5dt w/ update

I had some spotting last night. It seems to be over.  The last couple time I’ve been to the bathroom, I’ve seen nothing.  Thank goodness! When I saw that pink on my tp last night my heart fell out onto the floor. I don’t ever want to see blood again until I give birth. It was scary. Very scary.

My progesterone was low and I know that is what help the embryo stick around.  I will be start PIO shots tonight as my vagina is not absorbent and the endometrin is not doing the trick.  That should be fun! Does this shot hurt really bad?!  I’m pretty good with needles so I’m hoping it wont be too bad. After all, I have to do them for awhile so I better get use to them! 

Beta #2 in the morning. I hope that they don’t make us wait around allllll day like they did yesterday. That was not nice!

UPDATE: I got my meds and just gave myself my first PIO shot. It was not terrible. However, on accident I used the bigger needle instead of the smaller one to inject. OOPS! Tomorrow it should hurt less with the smaller needle.  It wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I wanted to get that progesterone in my body ASAP just in case the spotting was from low progesterone. I feel much better now that I’ve got extra on board. =)


6 thoughts on “10dp5dt w/ update

  1. Good luck with the PIO! I actually was told I have to use the big needle (and didn't get any smaller ones when I picked it up). Mine only started hurting yesterday, which I think was Day 6 or something. Can't wait for tomorrow!

  2. I would think you would need to use the bigger needle (though I don't know how big that is) if it's a IM shot. Good luck and I'm hoping there is NO more spotting!!!

  3. I had to use the bigger needle too. The pio is pretty thick. Some tricks that I found helpful. . . warm the oil by holding the bottle tightly in your hand. After injecting, rub the area to help the oil "spread." I used a heating pad too, to keep the oil from hardening.I swear I posted this already. If this is a duplicate, feel free to delete!Jill

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