The results are in!

We just got the call (after waiting a painful 5 hours!) and the beta is…. drumroll, please….


Woohoo!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

We are very, very happy with the beta results! Estrogen is perfect, however Progesterone is a little low. It should be above 10 and is at 6. She’s been taking Endomet.rin – 2 tabs, 2x per day. They are calling in PIO (which wasn’t covered by insurance when I got pregnant). We are a little nervous about the cost (approx. $40 per day for the next 6 weeks ). Of course it is absolutely worth it…. just $1500 we weren’t expecting.

Maybe we will get some kind of luck and it will be covered! Please?

Beta number 2 is Friday!

-proud, excited mama L


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