Tonight I went to my mom’s house to visit. There on the counter lay a zippy bag full of HPTs! She got them from work and was giving them SIL. Yeah, SIL thinks she’s preg. Grrrrrreat.  I could write a whole novel about SIL, but we are trying to be civil. So, I’ll let you hear it first…If she is pg. I wish her a happy and healthy pregnancy.  Any who, back to me.  So, I saw the bag sitting there and I took 2 out and stuck them in my pocket. Of course my mom would of given me one, but she does not know we are TTC again. She was explaining to me that with these tests you can do either blood or urine.  She said, here try one. HA! I simply replied, “No thanks.” …and she gave me am look! I kept my cool and shot down any “are you pregnant” questions. She gets into my car AND WHAT DOES SHE SEE???? A HPT box from yesterday that I hid under the seat!! WTF??? How did she even see it?! She dug her hand under the seat, held it in the air like she found a piece of gold and said, “and can you explain this one?!?!?” I laughed. A lot. My mom said, ” Listen, I’ve known you all your life… I can smell something is up!” I replied with, ” No, mom! That was from last time!” It stood at that.  She is very suspicious. Very, very suspicious.

I could not wait until the morning to pee on these tests. That’s right, I used both of them! I did one with blood (what the hell, right?! I wanted to try it!) and the other was from whatever drips of pee I could squeeze out. Here are some pictures, I tried so very hard, but they are a tad bit blurry. The line is definitely there. On both. So here is 6dp5dt bfps for you to enjoy.

That test took a lot more blood than I thought it would. I looks and felt like I had to chop off my finger to get enough blood!

Do you seeee them?!?!?!?!

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