Afraid to sneeze

Ryan was so generous with his cold and gave some to his Mama.   Scratchy throat and stuffy nose started to set in on Monday after the transfer.  I was laying down and gradually my symptoms started to get worse….  Now, I have a full blow fall cold and I’m afraid to sneeze.  I know it sounds totally ridiculous!!  But, when I sneeze I’m afraid to dislodge any embryos trying to attach themselves.  I’m sure that me having a cold will not effect the outcome of this cycle, but it does cross my mind…

S, over at An Offering Of Love asked when we were going to test.  The answer to that is… I’m not sure.  Last time we tested 5dp, so maybe we will do the same this time around?  We’ll have to wait and see when 5dp comes around.  Really, I’m scared to test. I don’t want it to be over if it’s a BFN…. I was thinking of trying to make it until the morning of Beta….I really just don’t know.  I just looked it up, I started testing 4dp5dt!! Yeah right. I’ll never make it to beta day without testing!!!

In symptom news, I have had some cramping which started yesterday morning.  It comes and goes throughout the day.  Other than this morning, I haven’t really felt it today.  Also, I feel a heaviness in my lower abdomen area. I honestly don’t remember if I had this last time…  I feel it most when I’m walking around, and overall I just feel…big. Bloated I guess.  Which of course could just be from the meds.  Oh, I’ve had some crazy dream the last night.  I almost think its too early to have the crazy prego dreams, but oh my goodness!  I had a dream of  umm…self pleasure. Yup, I was masturbating in my dream.  Good times in sleepy land I guess.   Now, I never have dreams. Well, If I do, I don’t remember them. Ever.  So, I’m finding it odd that I remembered this one, and of course what it was about threw me off a little bit.

Well, that’s about it. I think that I’ve shared enough for one day.  I hope that the next few days go by fast!


3 thoughts on “Afraid to sneeze

  1. Sorry about the cold! But yes, I'm sure you're quite right that a sneeze (or two or three) won't hurt anything. I've been thinking about how long I'll wait to test as well. Perhaps I'll use you as my inspiration 🙂

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