Let the wait begin!

We were destined to have two embryos. I started with three embryos and one did not make the thaw, so…then there were two.  Even if they would of agreed to do three, I would of had two. 

The embryos: Both hatching AB blasts with 100% survival.

The Transfer: Went flawless. The 30 minutes of rest post transfer was the worst part…because I had to PEE….really, REALLY BAD! Holy Moly, I thought I was going to burst!  Luckily, I did not pee myself.

We took Ryan with us because no one knows about this transfer.  So, Laurie and Ryan had to wait in the waiting room until I was all finished.  Ryan was a champ in the waiting room even though he is sick with croup (we’ll post about that on the other blog).  I could not be happier with how smoothly the transfer went, and of course my rockstar embryos.

So, Here I lay…PUPO.  Let the 2WW (..or well 9 day wait) begin. Beta is 9/29. 


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