Update: CD 16

The days have been flying by.  Transfer is on Monday!  I can’t believe it is Mid-September already.  If this cycle works my Due date will be in June. This makes me very happy. My birthday is in July, and I had BBQs and pool parties for my birthdays. I’d love to make that happen for our children too. Ryan’s birthday is in December, so unless we’re planning on having a snowball fight party…. Indoors it is.

There has been a few roller coaster moments, but I think that I have overcome them and we’re on track again.  Earlier in the week my u/s showed that my lining was on the thin side.  It was measuring 6 when they need at least a 7. My estrogen came back on the ‘low side’, so that evening they upped my patches from 2 to 3.  Yesterday, I went in for my last appt before transfer.  My lining was better, measured 7.4, and it still has 3 more days to get even thicker.  My estrogen again came back low. It was 93. I forgot to ask her what the normal estrogen level was… I’m now on 3 patches and estrace (the pills I wanted to be on since the beginning!!!) 2 times a day.  I’m not set up for any other appointments before the transfer. I’m wondering if I should be (??) How will they know my estrogen levels are okay?! Do the pills automatically make the levels okay?! I feel like I want to call and ask, but I feel like an idiot for not asking when I had her on the phone.  I care too much of what other people think.  I just called them. I figured, what the hell. It’s my body!  I’m paying them to help me.  The nurse said normal is 100, they’d like to see a over 100 if possible.  So, my 93 is not too far off.  Being that I’m on the estrace it should bump me way up. Just because it wont hurt and to make sure, I’m going in tomorrow morning for blood work to check and make sure that it is rising.  I’m glad I called them.  I feel better now and I will have way less stress over it come the 2ww. 

I feel a bunch of different emotions over this transfer. Most of the time I am excited and can’t wait to have those little snowbabies in me. Other times I’m absolutely petrified of it working and miscarrying again.  I’m really trying not to think of it, but sometimes it does creep in.  I’m scared, but I don’t want that to take away from the happiness.


4 thoughts on “Update: CD 16

  1. Excited is good! I can't imagine how hard it is to try after a miscarriage, but I'm glad you're advocating for yourself and doing what you need to in order to feel confident about this. Sending all good sticky thoughts to you on Monday!

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