near and far.

The 20th is coming up pretty fast, and I’m happy about that.  I’m so happy to be trying again.  Everything so far has been pretty good. (I think.)

I say ” I think” because I’ve been going to a different office (same Dr.) than what I was going to before.  This new office is so close to our new house, so it’s silly to drive 30 minutes to the other office when this one is only 10 minutes away.  However, the further away office is SO much nicer, more compassionate, and I like them so much more.  The closer office is bigger, more factory-like.  The closer office is one of their main locations which means they have, triple the staff, and I’m sure triple (if not more) the patients.  When I’m there, I feel like just a number… just another patient in their day.  In the smaller, further away office the nurse is so nice, so understanding and sweet…as is the office staff. So, when I go for bw they only call if they have news. No news is good news, so they don’t call.  But, I feel like.. What if they forgot about me?! Linda, in the smaller office always called. If she had no news, she’d just say “everything looked good continue blah blah blah..”… either way, I knew something.  So, I have not gotten a call from yesterdays blood work, I’m assuming that all is good. I just don’t like questioning my care, and when I did question my care last time (see previous post for that) the PA talked to me like I was stupid, and did not really LISTEN to what I had to say. She heard me, but she did not listen.  Maybe I should just drive to the other office and not have to question everything.

Next appt. is Monday.  Transfer of 2 Day 5 hatching blats will be Monday 9/20.  I hope my uterus did lots of painting, reorganizing and cleaning up in there because one or two of these blasts will be here to stay. =)


One thought on “near and far.

  1. Everything crossed for you! I'm sorry about the crappy treatment. I had similar issues with my RE's office, so I know where you're coming from. Here's hoping you're out of there soon and onto a great OB/doula/midwife/whatever your preference is 🙂

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