I have never been so happy to be bleeding from my lady parts.  I started spotting last night and full flow today, yoohoo!

I had some confusion with the RE with which day to set the appointment for and which day to start the patches. 

Well, first off, I didn’t really want to be on the patches. I remember when Laurie was on the patches, they never stuck and after reordering them 3 times (and really low numbers) they finally gave her the pills.  The nurse said that I had to be on the patches because I’ve never been on them before and if there is a problem with them, she’ll tell the Dr. Ugh, how come I just can’t start on the pills and just be done with it??

Okay, so I called first thing this morning to tell them that I got my period. Today would be CD1 because last night I was only spotting.  I called and told the receptionist that I was doing an FET and today was CD1.  She set me up for an appt. on Thursday and said goodbye.  It didn’t seem right to me because I (kinda) remember the Dr. telling me that I’d be calling on day 1 and coming in on day 2 for the bw/sono.  Also, I was pretty sure that I was to be on some kind of medications, and I didn’t even have anything ordered (??). Laurie checked back in the blog (blogs are also good for refrencing just about anything) to see when they had her go in and when she started the patches for her FETs. It seemed like she went in on CD2 everytime.  So, I called back to make sure that it was to come in on CD3 and not CD2, and to call about the meds. Turns out, she had it all wrong. I have to come in on CD2 (tomorrow) and I am suppose to start patches TODAY! Patches, right. I have no patches. I asked her if I could just take the pills, I don’t think she really liked that, but oh well. She told me being that it was Laurie with the problem and not me, and I have to start with the patches. Ugh, hopefully the patches wont be giving me a problem. 

I’m hoping that this is not how this cycle is going to turn out. Let’s hope all the drama is out now…


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