FET, Here I Come!

I have waited long enough.  AF did not come in July and now it is the middle of August with no signs of AF coming. I called the RE and and they wanted me to come in for sono/bw this morning to check and see what is going on.  A bunch of nothing!  My lining was 4 and ovaries were pretty quiet.  Blood work results are pretty much the same, nothing happening.  Being that AF is no where in sight (WTH? where are you?!) I started Provera tonight, and will continue it for the next 10 days.  Then, AF will come and we’ll get this show on the road.  FET here I come!

I talked to the Dr. about putting all 3 back.  He really did not seem to happy about the idea. At first he said, “well how many do you want to put back?!” I replied, ” I’d like to put back all 3 of them!”  His response to that was, “That’s not likely… we could do 2”  He said that the embryos that I have frozen are of very good quality 2 of them which already started to hatch before they froze them.  Any one have experience with already hatched or hatching embryos during transfer?!  I guess it is a good thing to do 2, I’m really afraid of triplets!  Even though the ladies over at A Story Of Two Moms are doing absolutely amazing, It is super hard.  Of  course I know that I can have triplets putting back 2, or even just 1 and I’d be 100% thrilled and blessed with whatever the universe helps me make. Two snow babies it is..until further notice. =)

I’ve been a bad blogger and I do apologize, but for some reason I feel like my blog is lonely! I don’t like having a separate blog from our other blog Creating a Miracle.  I started this blog so that people who read our blog that we know IRL won’t know what is going on with our current TTC #2, but I just feel like that is our family blog and I’m over here….away from it. boo.

I’m going to try and stay very calm though everything. Hopefully, I wont throw it out the window during the TWW.  I want to enjoy every bit of the process and just let it happen. The universe has a plan, I hope.


6 thoughts on “FET, Here I Come!

  1. Glad you're moving forward! Three sounds risky, but I totally hear you about wanting to do everything to make sure at least one sticks around. I'd be debating the same thing.

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